Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We're On the Move!

After three years of living in the Memphis area, we are once again on the move. At the end of June, we began a long trek across the United States, from Senatobia, Mississippi to Portland, Oregon. I'm sure that some people thought we were crazy to hitch a U-Haul trailer to the back of our truck and then drive over 2,000 miles, but we arrived safely at our destination on Friday, July 1st. Thanks to all those who prayed for us while we were on the road.

Actually, Portland is only a "stop-over" on our journey, because our final destination lies across the Pacific Ocean. Yes, for those who haven't heard, we are going back to Japan. We hope to be there by the end of July. (We don't know the exact date as of yet, because we are still waiting on our visas before we purchase our plane tickets.) We will be working for World English School in the city of Hitachi. Hitachi is about an hour away from Mito, where we lived for three years before we came to Memphis.

Until we have an address in Japan, you can reach us at the following address in Portland:

% Mary Campbell
131 NE 89th Avenue
Portland, OR 97220

Cell phone - (901)647-1020
Email address - rustyandlaura@yahoo.com