Hi, I'm Elizabeth, and I'm 4 years old! I'm wearing size 8 (little kids) shoes and size 4T clothes.

I love coloring, play-do, playing with my dollies, and dressing up! I really love being outside. One of my favorite things to do is put on my rain boots and splash in muddy puddles. I also like to ride my trike and play on the swings at the playground. I spend a lot of my time outside chasing after and trying to keep up with my brothers. I think I can do everything I see them doing.

I like to read books, play games on my mom's Kindle, and watch TV. Some of my favorite shows are "Little Einsteins," "Daniel Tiger," and "Paw Patrol." I also like to do puzzles and play with magnets.

My mom lets me help her in the kitchen. I especially like making cookies and then licking the bowl!

I really love my Daddy and I have him wrapped around my baby finger. We call each other "Darling."

~ updated April, 2018