Our monthly budget is once again fully funded! After losing some of our support at the end of 2017, we have added three new supporting churches that more than made up for the deficit. We praise God for His providence! See a list of our current supporters in the sidebar.

Special, or one-time ministry-related needs seem to crop up continually! Additionally, we can always use extra funds to improve the facilities at Camp Bellevue. If you desire to send a gift, contributions may be sent to our sponsoring church, the Bellevue Church of Christ in Bellevue, WA:
Bellevue Church of Christ
1212 104th Ave. SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
* Checks should be made payable to the church with the words "Campbell Support" (for us personally) or "Camp Bellevue" (for the camp) on the memo line.
Interested in getting involved with Camp Bellevue? Here are just a few ways you can do that:
  • Join the Family Mission Trip. (We host one of these together every July. They are designed to be family-friendly and to involve every person, big and small. About half of the participants each year are children or teens!)
  • Apply for a summer internship (college students and young adults).
  • If you have a church group or youth group that you would like to bring down for a short-term mission project, we can tailor a trip (with enough advance notice) to fit your group's needs and giftedness. We have lots of ideas for projects both here at the camp and in the surrounding community.
  • Have a gift or talent that you want to use to creatively bless the ministry here? Please share your ideas with us!
For more information about any of the above, please contact us, and let's talk!