Monday, December 04, 2006

Mirror Image

Oh, the fascination a simple mirror provides!

Eight Months Old

I turned eight months old on October 28th. Since my 8-month birthday was so close to Halloween, my mommy decided to do my photo shoot in my Superman costume. Aren't I cute? I wore my costume to the Harvest Party at church, and then on Halloween, I got dressed up in it again and went trick-or-treating with my mommy and daddy. Only I didn't get to eat the candy I got this year. I didn't think that was very fair, but I enjoyed chewing on my cape.

This month, I finally learned to crawl! Now I can go places and explore and get into all sorts of trouble! I also started pulling up to a standing position. The view is great from up high. I am doing better at feeding myself, too. I like munching on rice crackers and picking up cereal with my fingers. This month, I also had my first shots, and I was so brave -- I hardly cried at all.