Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alex -- Único!

Every year on Easter, the Lisbon church does a little something special for all the kids. This year, they put together a slideshow of all the children in the Sunday School program. The babies (0-3 years) were all grouped together, 4 or 5 to a slide. But for the older kids, each one had their own slide with a picture as well as some words written about them by their teachers. They flashed the slides up and then had each kid come up to receive a special present. This was Alex's slide. Imagine, if you can, the entire church erupting in laughter when this came up on the screen, Rusty and me included! (English translation follows.)

Alex: Unique! Excited, but very affectionate and tender. He likes to question, to play, puzzles, and to sing. His development in Christian education is fantastic, and his example has been each time better. He has a heart bigger than him. God bless you and guide you to do great works. May Jesus always live in your little heart.