Email address: rustyandlaura AT gmail DOT com.
U.S. phone number: 615-290-5767615-290-5767 (No international rates or fees!)
Skype username: rustyandlaura

Field address:
Apartado 17-21-0217
Eloy Alfaro

Permanent U.S. address:
1212 104th Ave. SE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Advice on sending a package:
The easiest and cheapest way to send a package is to use the priority mail flat rate envelopes from USPS. The cost is $16.95 for however much you are able to cram inside it (up to 4 pounds). For larger, bulkier, and more fragile items, there are also priority mail flat rate boxes in various sizes.

Keep in mind that the larger the package, the more likely it is to get held up in customs. Less is more!

Be sure to pad and cushion everything well. Ziploc bags are great for containing potential leaks and spills, and also for protecting items in case the package gets wet.

For more helpful information on preparing packages for shipping internationally, click here to visit the USPS website.

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