Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alex in Angola

Rusty made this slideshow as part of his presentation for the Multicultural Counseling class he was in last week. I thought it turned out so cute, so I decided to share it with the blog world. The background music was recorded at church on our last Sunday in Angola. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Survey Trip in Pictures

I have posted a ton of pictures on the blog from our recent survey trip to Angola! There is a post for each day of our 28-day trip. I kept the commentary to a minimum to allow the pictures to speak for themselves as much as possible, so if you need to refresh your memory on our activities, just visit the links below.

Survey Trip: Week One (5/31 - 6/6)

Survey Trip: Week Two (6/7 - 6/13)
Survey Trip: Week Three (6/14 - 6/20)
Survey Trip: Week Four (6/21 - 6/27)

I encourage you to check out Teague's blog for more pictures and commentary.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 27

Our last day in Angola...

While Mommy and Daddy were busy packing, Alex amused himself with his books and toys. Due to space limitations, we were only able to bring a few of his things, which he grew very tired of by the end of our trip. He was so excited to get home to all his toys!

And this concludes "Survey Trip in Pictures."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 26

We spent the morning visiting more ICA churches. Alex amused himself by rearranging the chairs while everyone else was meeting and greeting.
Andre Banda and his wife had us over to their house for lunch, our last meal of Angolan food.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 25

Alex loved to "help" Armindo as he went about his duties at the guest house compound...
...and ride his motorcycle!

He also loved to go to the market! So much to look at!

Some of the gang visited more ICA churches. As you can see from the sign on the building, ICA stands for Igreja de Cristo em Angola which literally translates "The Church of Christ in Angola." This is, however, an indigenous movement with no connection (until now) to churches of Christ in the United States.

We grilled out hamburgers for dinner with the McHaney's...

...and the Jensens, Baptist missionaries in Luanda.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 24

Day trip to Caxito...

Pretty butterflies

Every day is market day!

After the congestion and smog of the capital, scenes like this are a welcome relief.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 23

Another day in downtown Luanda...

You can buy almost anything from hawkers on the side of the road. Here is a guy selling padlocks.
We visited this old slave fortress, now a museum.

The fortress sits on a hill overlooking Luanda.

The view from the top was spectacular -- well worth all the stairs!

Rusty and Alex in an old WWII fighter plane outside the fortress.

We enjoyed a late afternoon walk around the fortress.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 22

Our last Sunday in Angola...

Charles and Andre Banda (the "president" of ICA)

Katie and Jordan with some of the women of the church (I love how colorful this picture is!)
Eating lunch after church

Doesn't he look rough? The poor kid jumped off the stage (while playing, after the service), and did a face plant in the dirt, splitting both his top and bottom lip, scraping his chin, and giving himself a nose-bleed. Oh, he also got a nice mouthful of good, clean African dirt. Good times.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 21

A day in the town of Belas...

To live in one of these three-bedroom apartments would cost upwards of $1800 a month! (If we end up living in Luanda, I think we will have to quickly dispell the commonly-held belief that it costs less to support a missionary to Africa than to most other parts of the world.)
The food court at Belas Shopping (the mall, or "slice of America")

Alex was so excited to find this kiddie play area at the mall... too bad we had to pay about $13 for him to spend an hour in it.

Alex loved to play cars with the guards at the Baptist Guest House!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 20

Outside the Luanda government hospital (only picture taken on this day).

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 19

Malange to Luanda...

The guys with some of the local ministers and church members in Malange.
Teague was the co-pilot on our last MAF flight.

The view from the cockpit -- coming in for a landing at the Luanda airport.

Welcome back to Luanda -- and the hideous traffic!

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 18

A day at Kalandula waterfalls...

Trekking through the African jungle

Enjoying a piece of sugar cane.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 17

To Malange...

Time for another flight (our third) on the tiny plane. In the back, between Katie and Jordan, you can see our pilot, Brent. And the woman on the far right is Petra, one of the missionaries in Luena.

Welcome aboard!

Streets of Malange

A city park -- in the foreground, you can see a monument to the relationship between Angola and Cuba

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 16

In and around Luena...

Angola still has many active landmines leftover from the war.
There are several NGO's in the country doing the tedious but important work of de-mining, which some of our team was able to see.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rusty and Danny try to repair a broken toilet.

And Alex has found another pile of rocks to play in.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 15

Sunday with the refugee church in Luena...

Robert preaching... Alex helping

Rusty praying. The gentleman on the right translating is Stephen, one of the church leaders. And there's Alex again... obviously, he was having a hard time sitting still!

Dialogue with the church leaders
This picture just makes my heart melt!

After church was over, Alex entertained himself in this pile of broken mud bricks. He had the best time throwing pieces of brick and watching them break apart on the ground.

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 14

Our day in Huambo...

Despite having been hit hard by the war, Huambo is a beautiful city. This park, with trees, green grass, and paved walkways, is a rarity among Angolan cities.

We walked around the park for a bit, then had a picnic lunch.
Women toting water

A statue of Agostinho Neto, Angola's first president and also one of the country's most prominent poets.

Team picture