Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Survey Trip in Pictures: June 13

The journey to Huambo...

Our little plane, chartered with Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

There were just enough seats for the nine of us, plus Brent, our pilot. But wait, where is Robert?

There he is! Somebody had to be the co-pilot!

Africa from the air

In Huambo, we had the opportunity to meet and visit with Justin Pearce (on the right), a British journalist and author who is currently living there.

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hello Campbells!
    I've been reading all your blogs on your trip to Angola. Wow! You guys are such an inspiration to me. It's so neat to see pictures! It's amazing to me to see that you took such a young child with you. I can't even handle my 2-year old nephew for a couple of hours! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics. How long will you live in Angola? and when will you move? Somewhere I missed that in your blog. Althea