Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beach Trip

Two weekends ago, the three of us went to the Oregon Coast. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent at Camp Magruder with the Metro Church youth group. Rusty was the main speaker for the weekend and he did a great job -- the theme was "burdens -- laying 'em down and taking 'em up." Christ calls us to lay down our burdens at his feet and rest in his love... but as Christians, we are also asked to bear one another's burdens. Good stuff -- even for the "old folks" who were there!

Sunday night, we took advantage of a free night's lodging at the Tolovana Inn in Cannon Beach. This was something Rusty's mom had purchased at a benefit auction for Columbia Christian Schools and never used. It was expired, but we called and they said they would still honor it. So we enjoyed some much needed r&r... playing on the beach... swimming in the pool... soaking in the hot tub... eating Mo's clam chowder... enjoying the gorgeous view from our balcony. And my personal favorite -- since our room was a suite, we put Alex to bed early in the back room and Rusty and I slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room. We stayed up late talking, watching Part 1 of the season finale of Battlestar Galactica (boy, have we missed a lot -- can't wait for it to come out on DVD!), and fell asleep with the window open listening to the sound of the waves. Heavenly!

Enjoying the view from up high

Eating sand... YUM!

Alex was not afraid of the water at all. In fact, when we set him down on the sand, he ran straight towards the waves, yelling the whole way!

Alex and Mommy

Chasing the waves

The rock in the background is called Haystack Rock (for, um, obvious reasons).

This was Alex' first time in the pool. Although you can't tell from the picture, he really loved it!

Alex and Daddy

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun to be One!

Isn't he just adorable?!

Not that I'm biased or anything!

Photos by JCPenney Portrait Studio

Please email me if you would like to see the entire gallery, and I will send you the link and password so you can access the images online.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Birthday Fun!

We had several good friends and their families, as well as relatives from my side of the family over to the house for a birthday party on March 3rd. I went with a Sesame Street theme for the table ware, and made "Hokey Pokey Elmo" the centerpiece. We had finger foods, punch, and cupcakes. In lieu of gifts, we asked everyone to bring an item for Alex' baby time capsule which he will open on his 18th birthday. (Thanks to my friend Kari for this wonderful idea!) Some of the contributions were very creative. The Ranums brought a USB drive with headlines from newspapers around the world on March 3rd. I just hope USB drives aren't completely obsolete by 2024! My grandma Nadine brought her and my grandad's expired passports from when they went to Kenya for the first time when I was just a baby. Other cool items were a menu from Baja fresh from the Loffinks, and a pair of baby shoes from my Aunt Dyana in memory of the fact that Alex loved to play with shoes when he was little. Rusty included a couple of 2006 mint coin sets. By the way, we haven't sealed up the time capsule yet, so any family and friends out there who still want to contribute something, please feel free!

Alex got to try a chocolate cupcake this time, and he thought it was just as delicious as the "funfetti" cupcake he had on his actual birthday. Here he is relishing every bite, and all the attention.

The one-handed cupcake smoosh.

Finger-lickin' good.


You're kidding, right? I don't get a cupcake every day?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trouble Getting Up In the Morning?

Okay, normally, this blog is simply a place for us to keep friends and family updated on the goings-on of our daily lives. If you visit our blog on a regular basis, then you know that, for the most part, you are spared political rantings, preaching, or unsolicited endorsements for the latest cool technological gimmick. In fact, being the doting parents we are, we mostly post pictures of our adorable son. Truth be told, this is probably more "Alex's blog" than "Rusty and Laura's blog." But, I digress...

I was skimming through a catalogue that came in the mail the other day when I saw this ad. Rusty can testify that I have not laughed so hard at something in a really long time. And after I picked myself up off the floor, I thought, I must blog about this! Like Dave Barry, I must preface this by saying I swear I am not making this up! In fact, you can click here to see for yourself.

So this is the ad I saw:

Flying Alarm Clock Makes You Get Out of Bed on Time!

Trouble getting up in the mornings? When the alarm sounds, "time flies" when it launches its propeller that emits a nagging siren noise that will for sure annoy you right out of bed! To turn the alarm off, you have to get up, find the propeller, and return it to its base!

You have got to be kidding me! Would anyone really buy this?! If you are the kind of person who would actually consider owning this alarm clock, (for $24.98, batteries not included) please post a comment because seriously, the only thing I think it might be good for is an episode of Seinfeld (if they were still making them, that is).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Birthday Video #1

Hope you enjoy these four videos of our Birthday Boy. The lighting was not that great, and there is no sound for some reason, so your imagination will have to add the sound effects.

Birthday Video #2

Alex shares his cupcake with Daddy.

Birthday Video #3

Alex opens a cool present from his Auntie Ronda.

Birthday Video #4

Alex watches Hokey Pokey Elmo sing and dance.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alex' First Birthday

We had a small family party at the house on the evening of the 28th. Very simple... just dinner together, followed by cupcakes and presents. Alex seemed to thoroughly enjoy all the attention, not to mention the balloons, and he knew exactly what to do with the cupcake we put on his tray. The pictures below tell the story better than I ever could!
Alex in his birthday bib and hat

Alex demonstrates how to eat a cupcake. Clockwise from top left:
1) Pick up the cupcake with both hands.
2) Eat the frosting first!
3) Smoosh the cupcake all over your face.
4) Share with Daddy.

Alex and Mommy

Alex got some clothes and cool Baby Einstein bath toys from his Auntie Ronda, plus a Costco size box of diapers and baby wipes. But the best present was the "Hokey Pokey" Elmo, who sings and dances when you squeeze his hand.

Birthday videos to follow soon! Stay tuned.

Friday, March 09, 2007

One Year Old!

It's pretty amazing what can happen in just a year...
February 28th, 2006
7 lbs. 1 oz.
20 inches long
One year later...
February 28th, 2007
23.5 lbs.
31 inches long
Happy First Birthday, Alex!

Tryin' on Daddy's Shoes

Wow, size 13? Daddy, what big feet you have!

Okay, first I'll put the shoes next to each other on the floor.
This takes a little coordination!
Ummm, I think I've got a ways to go before I catch my dad!