Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eleven Months Old

I was eleven months old on January 28th. Can you believe I will be 1 soon? My parents have officially declared me a walker and bought me my first pair of real shoes! I am very proud of my new talent (but I'm not sure I like the shoes yet). I love to walk around the house, carrying things and moving things. I also like being chased by my mom and wrestling with my dad.

I am a busy little dude these days. I love balls, balloons, and books. It's fun to read my books, but I also like just pulling them off the shelf onto the floor. When I can sneak past my mommy into the bathroom, I like to drop things in the toilet. And unrolling the toilet paper is lots of fun too. I can't understand why she has started keeping the bathroom door closed -- it's such a fun place to be! I like to empty drawers and make music with pot lids in the kitchen. It goes without saying, I guess, that my mom is busy too, chasing and cleaning up after me and making sure I don't get into too much mischief.

I am talking up a storm -- too bad no one can really understand me yet. I can clap my hands, play patty-cake, and wave bye-bye. I like waving to my dad from the living room window while he drives off to work. I am eating all sorts of new foods and drinking out of a sippy cup during the day. I now have three teeth! I love to put everything in my mouth. My mom says I am better than a vacuum cleaner about picking up all those little things that end up on the floor. She just wishes, I think, that I would learn to put them in the trash rather than in my mouth!

It's been fun being a baby, but I'm really looking forward to toddlerhood!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alex Walks!

Welcome to the World, Little Ones!

It seems like lots of our friends are having babies these days! Rusty and I took dinner a couple of weeks ago to our dear friends Tim and Chalon, and also to Jared and Jenny, both of whom just welcomed new babies into their hearts and homes. Congratulations, guys! Lemuel Onsomu and Jasmine Ranum are both just as cute as can be -- and so tiny! Hard to believe that Alex was ever that small and helpless.

And although we weren't able to bring you dinner or cuddle your babies, congratulations to Steve and Gina on the birth of Bennett, and a VERY belated congratulations to Josh and Julie (my sister) on the birth of Eliana last October.

Oh, and, just for the record, Rusty and I are not expecting another addition to our family anytime soon.

Lemuel Bitange Onsomu

Eliana Joy Marcum

First Snow

Alex experienced his first big snow in January. Yes, that's right -- we were in Michigan for almost two weeks in December and saw not one single flake! Anyway, we finally got a big snowfall here in Portland... school was out for three days... a blanket of white covered the ground for almost a week... there was even enough for a big snowman in the front yard! Alex wasn't quite sure what to think of the snow. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Enjoying the snow while safe in Auntie Ronda's arms...

Down on the ground -- getting curious about the snow...

Definitely NOT liking the snow after doing a face plant in it!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ten Months Old

Alex was 10 months old on December 28th (yes, I know I am a bit behind in posting this update). His major milestones this month included graduating to a bigger "convertible-type" carseat and FINALLY getting his first tooth! I was beginning to worry that the child would be toothless his whole life when the sharp little sucker decided to appear. He also enjoyed learning to crawl up the stairs while we were at my parents' house (going down is still a problem). And, he has taken a few steps on his own, although quite by accident (he thought someone was holding on to him, when they really weren't). I am waiting to declare him a walker, though, because crawling is still his preferred method of getting around for now!

For the 10-month photo, we tried for the perfect pic of Alex in front of the Christmas tree, but that proved to be Mission Impossible! Just you try getting a crawling, everything-goes-in-the-mouth baby to sit still in front of a tree filled with all sorts of shiny ornaments just begging to be touched and tasted. Anyway, as you can see from the pictures below, we finally gave in and let him hold a couple of the sturdier ornaments in an attempt to get him to pose for the camera. But then, we ran into the problem of the ornaments he was holding obscuring the picture on the front of his adorable Christmas sweater (a red pick-up truck with a Christmas tree in the back). Ah, life with a little one -- it's never dull, and it sure keeps me on my toes, I'll tell you that much!