Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Progress at Pisulí

I’m still on a mission to do a blog “catch-up.” But I will no longer be doing monthly re-caps. They take forever for me to pull together and I’m guessing they are probably hard to wade through. So, I’m back to doing specific “event posts,” and hopefully, if I can do a post every few days, I’ll eventually hit all the highlights of our life so far in 2014!

In December’s catch-up post, I mentioned the East Hill group, who arrived in Ecuador right at the end of the year. The main purpose of their trip was to help the Pisulí Church (a new church in North Quito that we have been working with since last August), to construct their church building. The team worked alongside members of the church-planting team for about a week, and by Sunday, January 5th, the building was to the point where the church could begin to use it. They held a special inauguration service in their new building, which the East Hill group was able to be a part of. As well, several other area churches sent representatives to offer their blessing and support of this new work. It was an exciting day, and we feel blessed to have been able to witness and be a part of the Pisulí church-planting team's efforts that brought them to this point.

* Thanks to Shannon Leinen and Carol Rowedder, two of the group members, for many of the following photos!

A few of the members of the East Hill group
Hard at work
The work-site
Inauguration Sunday
Rusty preached
Ribbon cutting ceremony -- Todd Sheldon, an elder at the East Hill congregation, did the honors.
There were even two baptisms that day!
Our family outside the Pisulí Church
The church served a lunch after the service. Typical Ecuadorian cuisine -- boiled potatoes, pork fritada, mote (boiled corn), and plantains.