Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eleven Months Old

I was eleven months old on January 28th. Can you believe I will be 1 soon? My parents have officially declared me a walker and bought me my first pair of real shoes! I am very proud of my new talent (but I'm not sure I like the shoes yet). I love to walk around the house, carrying things and moving things. I also like being chased by my mom and wrestling with my dad.

I am a busy little dude these days. I love balls, balloons, and books. It's fun to read my books, but I also like just pulling them off the shelf onto the floor. When I can sneak past my mommy into the bathroom, I like to drop things in the toilet. And unrolling the toilet paper is lots of fun too. I can't understand why she has started keeping the bathroom door closed -- it's such a fun place to be! I like to empty drawers and make music with pot lids in the kitchen. It goes without saying, I guess, that my mom is busy too, chasing and cleaning up after me and making sure I don't get into too much mischief.

I am talking up a storm -- too bad no one can really understand me yet. I can clap my hands, play patty-cake, and wave bye-bye. I like waving to my dad from the living room window while he drives off to work. I am eating all sorts of new foods and drinking out of a sippy cup during the day. I now have three teeth! I love to put everything in my mouth. My mom says I am better than a vacuum cleaner about picking up all those little things that end up on the floor. She just wishes, I think, that I would learn to put them in the trash rather than in my mouth!

It's been fun being a baby, but I'm really looking forward to toddlerhood!

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