Friday, August 12, 2005

A Great Expectation

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, we'll let you figure this one out! Yes, we are going to be parents. Baby Campbell is expected to arrive sometime at the beginning of March. I was at 9 weeks as of this ultrasound. Unfortunately, the picture is not all that great, but according to the doctor, the baby's head is on the bottom. It is too early to hear the heartbeat, but we could see it on the screen. The doctor told us we have a very genki (energetic/happy) baby. We had planned on starting a family after we returned to Japan, but we had it in mind to wait at least a year or two to give ourselves time to get settled. But it seems God had other ideas! We were surprised, but also very excited to learn that we are soon to be parents.


  1. Congratulations! We are so excited to meet the new Campbell!

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Well Candace and Carissa and I say it is a boy. so three votes for a boy. You will have to send this to Adam for his vote.