Monday, January 23, 2006

Showered with Love

On Saturday, the ladies of the Taga Church of Christ threw a baby shower for me. Actually, it was a joint shower for myself and Roxanna, a friend of mine who is due next month. Although the snow kept some people from attending, a good time was had by all who did come. We played some fun games and had some yummy food. Charity read a few Scriptures and shared some thoughts on birth, children, and the "new birth" that we experience when we come to know Christ. Mrs. Saito and Tomoko prayed over the mothers-to-be. And Baby Campbell got a lot of wonderful gifts, including a spiffy car seat, some adorable clothes, and a beautiful handmade baby blanket from Charity, his buddy-to-be Freedom's mama.

A group photo

A beautiful spread

Kumiko and Shizuka are high school students who have been involved with English Bible classes at Taga church for some time now.

Mrs. Saito and Mrs. Okubo are holding pieces of yarn they cut to "guesstimate" how big around Roxanna and I are. Whoever was closest won a prize. Mrs. Okubo won for me!

Tomoko McLain and Tomoko Ishikawa (I like to call them "Tomoko squared") are tying a bib onto a balloon. Each of them gets to use only one hand. Try it -- it's harder than it looks!

Charity leads the devotional while Judith looks on.

Roxanna and I, opening presents

Daddy will like this outfit!

What a cute sweater!

Too small for me, but this hat will be perfect for Baby Campbell. It was knitted by Kara.

With squares of denim, courderoy, and plaid flannel, this is the perfect blanket for a little boy! Thanks, Charity!


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Thanks so much for all the pictures. How I wish I could have been there and met everyone.
    Lots of love, Mom

  2. We loved looking at these pictures!
    Brooke and Jesse in Memphis