Saturday, August 12, 2006

Five Months Old

5 Months Old
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I was five months old on July 28th, the day we arrived in Portland. I am getting very big and heavy and will soon outgrow my 3-6 month size clothes! I am rolling over and learning to sit up like a big boy. My recent discoveries include my feet (they sure are fun toys!) and my vocal cords (I can scream really loud when I want to!). My mommy says she thinks I will get my first tooth soon. This teething business is no fun at all! Until next month...


  1. What a handsome grandson. We love you Alex.

  2. Hey! I found you guys! That is an AMAZING pic of your baby. Those eyes are trying to lazer a whole in my head!

    Hey remember when we lived together in 1995 and you were so pure and kind....and then by the end of the year we had you saying "Shut up!". Oh man, that was so great.

  3. Oh, Roni, so it was YOU who corrupted our sweet Laura. (I'm sure I had nothing to do with it.)

    It was so great to see you for those few minutes on Sunday. Talk about perfect timing! Alex is such a cutie-pie...even cuter than his adorable pictures, which is saying something!