Friday, November 03, 2006

Alex Meets an "Old" Friend

Last week, Roxanna and Baby Sophie came to Portland to visit. It was fun getting Alex and Sophie together again after so many months. The picture below was taken at Holiday Fair at Cascade. They also went to the Harvest Party at Metro Church sporting their darling Halloween costumes. Click here to visit Roxanna's blog and see more pictures of the two of them together!


  1. Cute - times 2. Keep them coming!

  2. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Can I just borrow Alex for a few days? Please? Just FedEx him over. Seriously he is the cutest thing ever...

    Did you get my email i forwarded you from Margaret? it was titled, I believe, "Little Girls".

    By the way, I got the ladies at the office to quit giving each other gifts and to go out to eat at a girly restaurant instead! This is our second year! We spend the same money but we actually talk to each other for an hour! wish you could be here.