Friday, May 25, 2007

Turning Thirty

Well, I promised more thoughts on this milestone birthday, so here they are.

I have decided that 30 is a very nice age to be. No, really! I always thought that completing the third decade of my life would bother me (maybe because our culture tells me I should be bothered), but when the big day actually came, I found that I wasn't. In fact, I think I did more freaking out (as in, "oh, my goodness, I'm getting old!") on my 26th birthday than I did on my 30th!

Maybe part of it is just being really content with the stage of life that I find myself in. Married for almost 8 years now... one precious little boy to mother... looking toward a future of mission work "somewhere" in Africa. Some people become parents and discover their life's work in their 20's, but Rusty and I certainly don't regret waiting until we were older to start our family. I truly believe that we are better parents because we waited. Certainly, I feel more centered, more able to make the necessary sacrifices, and more secure in our relationship. And as for figuring out what we want to "do" with our lives -- highly overrated! Life isn't any fun without at least a little mystery. (Rusty, can you believe that I am saying this? You should be proud!)

In all seriousness, as I join the ranks of "30-somethings," I just pray that I have gained at least a little wisdom and maturity in my 20's. I mean, with all of the life experiences that have been packed into the last 10 years, I certainly hope I have learned a few things! And I look forward to applying that knowledge and experience to the next decade of my life and beyond. Looking back, I think I can probably say the same thing about my 20's that I have about every other stage of my life -- college, dating, being single, high school -- "It was fun while it lasted, but I don't think I would want to go back and do it over again. I'm enjoying where I am right now too much."

Yes, 30 is definitely a very good age to be!

And Rusty is just glad that we are both finally in the same decade of life again!


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  2. Happy Birthday! and congratulations on completing three decades -- and entering your fourth!

  3. Laura,
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and your prayers.
    Glad to know that you are enjoying being thirty. I'll be joining you in October!