Thursday, November 15, 2007


I thought about titling this post "World Mission Workshop" since that's what this post is really about -- our trip to OKC at the end of October for the WMW. However, it has been my experience when attending these types of seminars/workshops/forums, that they are more about rekindling relationships than gaining knowledge from classes, keynotes, and presentations.
So, "Reunion" seemed to be the more appropriate title. We reconnected with so many dear friends and former coworkers from our Japan days. Rusty saw several people he knew from his time as a student at OC. I ran into several ex-Africa-missionaries and lots of "next generation" Kenya MK's. Meaning that they were all a lot younger than me -- most of them are college students now. I am embarrassed to say that I did not recognize the majority of them until they introduced themselves to me! I mean, they were just kids, my brother's age or younger when I graduated from high school, so they have done a lot of changing and growing up over the last 10 years or so.

Alex also enjoyed a reunion with his friend, Stone. In fact, the Lj's were gracious enough to open their home to us while we were in Oklahoma City. We are so glad they did, because it gave us more time to visit with them than we would have had otherwise. And the boys so enjoyed playing together! Pictures below:

Our team had a booth in the student center, and we were able to make quite a few promising contacts. We took in a few workshop-related activities, although it's much more difficult to really engage in these things when you are chasing a toddler all day and have to work a naptime into the schedule somewhere! Mostly, we just enjoyed the sweet fellowship.

In times of reunion like this, I think we catch a glimpse of what Heaven is going to be like someday. And I thank God for those glimpses -- they encourage me to keep pressing on!

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  1. we had a great time with you guys... the memories of our times together are so sweet... i mean who really understands all we went through in Japan better than we do?! We love you guys and praise God for your friendship.