Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slightly Traumatized!

Okay, I just have to share that watching the doctor pull the pins out of my son's arm this morning was the most frightening thing I think I've witnessed in a long time. Alex was so good while she was cutting his cast off of his arm. I thought he would be scared of the cast cutter because it's so loud (and he hates the vacuum cleaner), but he just sat there quite contendly in his daddy's lap.

With the cast off, we could see the pins sticking out of his elbow. So I asked the doctor, "Now what?" And she says, "Now, I pull the pins out." Then she proceeds to grasp his wrist and pull on one of the little knobs, and a pin as long as my finger came out of his elbow! I am not kidding! If the way Alex started yelling was any indication, it hurt like you know what. I am still kind of in shock that she didn't even give him a local anesthetic.

Oh, well, it is over, and the good news is that the bone is healed, and he won't have to wear a sling. She wants to see us again in three weeks. In the meantime, I am not supposed to let him be too active. Ummm... okay. That will be a piece of cake, I'm sure.

See? I told you I wasn't kidding!


  1. AHH! That's terrible! I'm glad I didn't have to be there when they did the catheter test on Eliana. But I'm glad he's healed up fine. I loved the pictures of your Christmas tree! Wish Michaela could see the train. She would love it!
    Love you!

  2. Aww man...that does not sound like fun. So sorry! Maybe Alex won't remember! -- nicole

  3. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Glad you survived the first major injury of Alex's childhood. It's always the most traumatic. - We miss you guys.

    Send me your new snail mail address when you get a minute. We still do Christmas cards the old fashioned way and I couldn't find a recent address for you guys.

    Take care,

    Jenny Loffink

  4. aunte Ronda6:59 PM

    Well i'm glad he's all over this now, and yes, it's true, he'll probably never remember that it ever happened. Now he can run and jump, and play, and the next thing you know, the trauma of stitches will be next!!!... LOL .. NOT THAT I WANT THAT FOR ANYONE...i'm just saying. BOYS, WILL BE BOYS! Just ask Rusty...hehe.

  5. Sorry he had to go through that. Glad to hear that he's healed.
    Love and miss you guys!

  6. Oh, Laura, just reading that made my arm ache. I'm glad it's over. Poor Alex. Such a brave boy.

  7. Man, I can't believe it's been so long since I checked your blog--Alex got injured, wore a cast, and got his cast off while I was gone!

    I'm so glad he's better. Good luck keeping him from being active! (At least try to keep him from climbing the Christmas tree!)

  8. Yikes! That's just plain disturbing. I've got a few screws in my knee, but nothing like that, and for such a little guy, too. Good luck on keeping him calm. Though I guess it is a good thing it didn't happen in Summer. That would have been worse, I think. Good to hear you all are doing well.