Friday, May 09, 2008

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Well, another semester is at last behind us. Rusty took his finals last week, turned in his last paper on Tuesday afternoon, and now we wait, with bated breath, for grades to be posted.

This has been a frustrating semester for several reasons, which I will not delve into here. Suffice it to say that Rusty is weary of school and hoop-jumping, and I am weary of being the wife of a stressed-out graduate student. We have both been stretched very thin over the past several months with the multiple hats we each wear. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible, though -- Rusty is just a few hours away from his master's degree. One class this summer and one class this fall and he will be finished. And then, there will really be rejoicing!

So, for now, we put aside school and turn our attention to other things -- namely, our survey trip to Angola this summer. We leave the country two weeks from this coming Monday. Yikes! Lots still to do and a good bit of money still to raise... Thank you to all who have given to our cause so far -- you have no idea how much each contribution, no matter how large or small, encourages our hearts. Please pray with us that God will provide the funds we need and that we will continue to have faith in him.


  1. My dear brother, how very proud of you I am. Never would I have thought, from that day you hit me with the inner tube of thicking wrapping paper, did I think you'd make it this far. ;-) God has blessed you, has blessed me with you, and has blessed all those you come in contact with. You are a wonderful man, and good servant. I wish to help you and your mission to Angola, so the best i can do, is let you keep the money for the van tire.I love you, and congrats on your STEP! Just two more to go and....Playstation 3!!! (blue ray beat out xbox360)

  2. Worthy of rejoicing for sure. Good job Rusty. Enjoy the summer and the fall will be over before you know it.


  3. Laura,
    You will get that PHT degree, I'm sure that Rusty will carry through! Love, Mom