Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching Up (Part 2)

Our friends the Gearson's have a family membership to the Children's Museum of Memphis, a truly amazing place. They have taken Alex with them a couple of times this summer, and Rusty and I even got to tag along once! We had so much fun -- there is so much to see and do! An added bonus -- it's a great way to escape the summer heat and humidity.

Curious George putt-putt

Riding a police motorcycle

In the cock-pit of the Fed-Ex plane

Fireman Alex

This was one of his favorite things -- a pretend river with plastic boats and fish magnets that you could "fish" for. He would have played here all day!

In July, Alex got to go to Esther's birthday party at the Little Gym. He had so much fun climbing, running, jumping, bouncing, playing games with the other kids, and of course, eating cake and ice-cream!

Playing with a parachute

He absolutely loved bouncing on this thing!

"Wookit me, Mommy!"

Sugar rush!

And finally, just because I think they are cute, here are some pictures of Alex in one of Rusty's old T-shirts. KPRB is the name of the radio station Rusty's dad worked for when Rusty was Alex's age.


  1. Aunte Ronda6:37 PM

    I have to post just one thing, or one comment...."The apple don't fall far from the tree do it son?"..... OH MY WORD--- double take on the KPRB shirt. Had me in tears. So very special... 8x10plz big grin... Love you!

  2. Children are our future! The kids look comfortable on the plane and behind the wheel.

    cool post!

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  4. Great pictures! I love the one at the beginning. Is she telling him about putting the toilet seat down and what happens if he doesn't? I cannot believe how fast Alex is growing. Very cute fella!