Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Prep

We really enjoyed being at my parents' house for the entire holiday season this year. For me, half the fun (or more) of Christmas is all the preparations that go on in the weeks leading up to it. I got to help my mom with all her Christmas baking -- the famous Stephens' cookie trays -- yum, yum! And Alex was old enough this year to participate in some of the special Christmas preparations, like:

decorating the Christmas tree...

watching the train go around and around...

decorating sugar cookies (and sampling all the candy sprinkles)...

helping Mommy decorate a gingerbread house...

...and making pinecone ornaments.

Coming soon... Christmas pictures, our trip to D.C., and pregnancy updates. Oh, and I may throw in more snow pictures, too! Check back soon.


  1. We really miss you guys! :(

  2. You guys really don't want to go to Africa, do you? I think OKC needs some help. Come on down!