Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life at One Month

Stephen is now well over one month old (he will be exactly 7 weeks old tomorrow) -- however, I intend to continue the tradition I started during Alex' first year of doing Month Milestone posts. (I am a bit behind in my blogging since we have been traveling and then my sister and her kids were visiting for a week.)

In his first month of life, Stephen has traveled to Coldwater to meet his great grandmother, to Memphis for Daddy's graduation, to Nashville for Mommy and Daddy's Angola presentation, to Texas, where he got on a plane for the first time, and to sunny California for the Pepperdine Lectureships. Everywhere we went, people were amazed that we were already traveling with such a young baby. "Wow, you're brave," they said. Brave... or crazy? Honestly, now that I have a 3-year old, I find traveling with a newborn to be easy. They aren't mobile; they sleep anywhere; you don't have to worry about a schedule since they don't have much of one yet; and they don't need to be entertained. He was a joy to have along on our trip, and we were glad to get to introduce him to so many of our friends and family during our travels.

Stephen is really a very laid-back baby. I think he might be even more laid-back than Alex was as an infant (although that may very well be because I am more laid-back as a mom with my second than I was with my first). I have been pleasantly surprised at how much easier things have been this time around. Nursing got off to an easier, better start, probably because at least one of us knew what we were doing this time! I seem to be handling the sleep deprivation and wacky schedules better. There is nothing that really prepares you for the way that first baby rocks your entire existence... but the transition to being a family of four has (so far) been much less overwhelming.

At his one-month check-up (which was actually at more like 5 1/2 weeks because of our travels), Stephen weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs. 4 oz. That means he gained almost 3 pounds in his first month of life (Alex only gained two). It goes without saying that this kid loves to eat! He also loves to be held and snuggled, laying in his cradle and watching his mobile, taking a bath, and riding in the sling. He is already a great traveler, which is a good thing since there is certain to be a lot of that in his immediate future!

Here are a few pictures from his first month.

Having a bath in the kitchen sink

Meeting Great Grandmother

Snuggling with Nyanya

Being loved on by Mommy and Daddy

Conspiring with big brother

Napping on a Sunday afternoon

One month old


  1. Over 11 pounds! Holy cow! "Conspiring with big brother" is a great title for that picture :)

  2. You got your hair cut! It looks great Laura! You guys look good!

  3. He is such a cutie pie! I'm glad he's so healthy and easy-going.

  4. Awwwwwwww, he is soooo precious!
    Laura H...

  5. Ronda3:06 PM

    datzah my nephews!!!! nice blanket there Stephen! Love you. Want pictures of both my favorite nephews please. You need the address? :)