Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life at Eleven Months

Having an eleven-month old means that we're just a few short weeks away from the big first birthday. As April 6th rapidly approaches, I can't help but reflect on where our family was this time last year... living with my parents in Michigan, unemployed, waiting on a sponsoring church, wondering if we would ever get to Portugal, let alone Angola. It's pretty amazing what God has done in just a few short months (although, I confess that it makes me tired just thinking about all the traveling and moving we have done in Stephen's first year of life)!

Of course, the major milestone in Stephen's eleventh month was his first international trip. Developmentally, he is pulling up and cruising along the furniture. He can stand alone, but he has yet to show any interest in taking steps, even with help. He would much rather crawl... it's faster! No new teeth yet, although I'm pretty sure the top ones are about to make their appearance any day now. He eats voraciously and drinks water from a straw cup. He loves balls, playing with Alex, riding in the Kelty, reading books, and opening drawers and cupboards all over the house. He is very curious about the bathroom, and we have to keep the door closed all the time, or he will go in there and pull up on the toilet (or, since we live in Europe now, the bidet). He has become quite the ham -- whenever he sees the camera come out, he breaks into the biggest grin. One nap a day is the norm now, and this makes it easier for Rusty and me to have focused time for Portuguese homework in the afternoons.

I love the picture below, even though it's a little unfocused. It captures Stephen's great smile with the two little teeth on the bottom, and he is wearing a Portland Trailblazers sweatsuit that used to belong to his cousins, Robbie and Johnny!

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  1. I loved the blog! Thanks for finding the time to do that. Maybe sometime you'll find time to blog about language study and how that's going. We enjoy hearing about your new life there. Lots of love, Mom