Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ben's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Benjamin's first birthday in mid-September. Our container had arrived a little less than a month prior, so we had been unpacking and organizing for about a month at that point. We were able to host his party in our own home, around our own table (actually, a table that belonged to Rusty's grandmother), eating food off our own dishes, and that was a good feeling! Ben also got to wear the "First Birthday" hat that both Alex and Stephen wore at their first birthday parties. I don't know why, but this was really important to me!

We kept things pretty simple as parties go: the Marcums were our only guests; we ate dinner, had cupcakes for dessert, took all the obligatory photos, and collected a few items for Ben's first birthday time capsule -- in keeping with tradition! Here are a few pictures:

Ben in his birthday hat. He wasn't too keen to wear it and kept taking it off, so this was the best picture we could manage!
Yum! Cupcake!
All the cousins... and you can see how our living room is starting to take shape

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