Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up: January

January was a busy month as far as the Kumanii ministry. There were 3 different construction groups that came for a week each, back-to-back, plus a church group that spent a few days out on the river handing out school and hygiene supplies in the villages. What this meant for our family was that Rusty was away from home a lot (like about 3/4 of the month), and I mostly held down the fort here in Quito. The kids and I did make one trip to Kumanii with Rusty, but that was about all I felt like I could manage.

People often ask me how I am involved with what goes on at Kumanii. In short, right now, I'm not. It's just too difficult with three small children. The lodge, while not as rustic as what I first envisioned, is just not very kid-friendly. I find that, although the times of separation are difficult for our family, it is easier and less stressful for me to just care for my kids in the comfort of our own home rather than hauling them out to the jungle.

For the most part, I'm okay with my lack of involvement, although I do struggle with feeling disconnected to what Rusty is doing. I remind myself that my kids will only be little for a few short years. Right now, they are my primary ministry and focus. I have the rest of my life to get involved in ministry outside the home, and as the kids grow, I hope that we can also begin to serve and minister more as a family. But for the next few years, I need to invest most of my energy to teaching, training, discipling them. So at the moment, my involvement in the Kumanii ministry is limited to more of a support role -- writing newsletters, updating our blog, correspondence, keeping track of finances, hospitality -- all things I can do from home.

Here are a few pictures from January:

When Rusty is gone, one of the things the boys love to do is have a sleepover in my bed.
Cutie patootie!

Loaded up for a trip to the jungle
During our family trip to Kumanii, we visited one of the villages on the river, and Alex got to play "Duck Duck Goose" with the kids.
The boys think that taking baths in the river is so much fun!
Thanks to all the construction teams, much progress was made on the new Kumanii meeting hall. Flooring and stairs were completed, a water filtration system was installed, and work was begun on the new kitchen.

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    You've got your priorities right, Laura. Just saying...Love you, Mom