Monday, October 13, 2014

Nyanya and Babu’s Visit

At the end of February, my parents came to Ecuador for a two-week visit. They came to meet their newest granddaughter (and of course to spend time with their other grandkids – Julie and I and our husbands were an added bonus!). And incidentally, I find it very special that my parents have managed to make a trip like this right after the births of 3 out of my 4 kids (they didn’t need to make a trip when Stephen was born because that happened while we were living with them). Considering the fact that all 3 of those kids were born on a different continent, that is no small feat!

Nyanya and Babu spent the first few days with us out at the camp. Then, we all went to the zoo together with the Marcums and they went home with the Marcums to Quito to spend some time with them. At the end of their time in Ecuador, we spent a weekend all together enjoying the hot springs at Papallacta, and then they spent the last few days with our family before flying back. It was lovely to have them here, to show them where we live and what we do now. They even got to be at the camp when we had a U.S. group here, so they got to experience what hosting and feeding a group of people looks like. They also got to see the beginnings of our “enclosed porch” house project. (We plan to use this area as a homeschool room when it is complete.) Of course, the kids soaked up all the love and attention that was showered on them by their grandparents. We are blessed to live in a country that people can travel to relatively easily, and that Nyanya and Babu are in good health and can make such a trip without any problems.

Here are a few (okay, a lot of) pictures of their time with us.
We celebrated Alex's 8th birthday.
Alex is the proud owner of the game Risk. Be warned -- if you come visit, he'll ask you to play!
Babu and Ben
Nyanya and Babu brought lots of fun treats. Ben was especially excited about the "Yucky" Charms!
Nyanya and Elizabeth
Nyanya got to join in one of our homeschooling days.
And she gave Alex his first piano lesson!
Babu was always ready for a game of Mousetrap...
...or Star Wars Chess
We went to the park one day.
See-saw fun
3 generations!
A day at the zoo with the cousins
Enoch and Ben -- 2 peas in a pod.
Oldest and youngest cousins
Papallacta hot springs
Enjoying the hot tub at our house in Papallacta
Game night -- Risk for Babu, the dads, and the older kids...
...Jr. Monopoly for Nyanya and the younger ones
Elizabeth never lacked for eager cousins to hold her.
Nyanya and Babu and their 8 -- count 'em, 8! -- grandkids!
Sunday morning at the Tabacundo Church of Christ
Nyanya playing trains
Family picture at Lake Cuycocha
Lake Cuycocha Visitors' Center
Cascadas de Peguche
Stephen got some birthday presents, too -- a couple of new games for his MobiGo

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