Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Refrigerator

For every home we have lived in since we have been married, I have covered the refrigerator with pictures. Pictures of family. Pictures of friends. Pictures of people we see often. Pictures of people we don't. Our picture-covered refrigerator is one of the things that makes a house seem like "home" to me.

With Rusty out of town this week (attending a church-planting conference), I decided to tackle some cleaning projects as well as a few of the boxes still waiting to be unpacked. I can't tell you how excited I was to dig into one box and stumble across the envelope full of pictures I had taken down from our refrigerator before we left Mississippi in June. I spent the better part of the next hour carefully arranging them on our fridge. I can't help but smile now when I look at it and see dear and familiar faces smiling back at me:

Michaela - my beautiful and infinitely precious neice
Robbie and Johnny - what a pair of nephews these two are!
Sarah, Amanda, Jaime - former college roommates, still my friends even after living with me!
Tim and Chalon; Robert and Jenny - friends from Portland
Lj and Kari; Kelsey and Lisa; Jason and Nicole - friends from our Mito days and beyond
The Cash family - missionary friends in Uganda
Jesse, Mackenzie, Sadie - precious children of friends from church in Mississippi

And there are many others. And always room for more! If you would like to be included on our refrigerator, just send us a picture. I'll find a spot for you, I promise.


  1. I'm so honored to make the "Fridge of Fame!"

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I didn't :-( and i'm the sissy-in-law/sister but my boys did..woot woot!

  3. I'm also honored to be on your fridge. Also where I put all my faves as well...I also have a round bamboo mat picture board.
    An idea I got from a certain lavendar colored bedroom I spent several weeks sick in bed in...:-)