Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tale as Old as Time. . .

I have to say that I think Rusty and I had rockin' costumes for Halloween this year!!! I, of course, loved being Belle, since "Beauty and the Beast" is my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time. I borrowed the costume from an AET friend in Mito. But, Rusty was definitely the star of the show as the Beast. Isn't the mask wonderfully realistic? It was made by the mother of one of our students for a play that she and some other parents put on at her son's kindergarten. The mask is made completely out of foam pieces that were cut and glued together and then painted. Also with the costume came the dinner jacket and purple cape. There were gloves and slippers for paws, but they didn't fit my beastly baby!

We wore these costumes for our school's Autumn Festival this past Saturday. All the kids come in costume, and all the teachers too. We had a costume contest (for the kids), a pinata, face-painting, a craft, and games like Bean Bag Toss and Pumpkin Seed Spitting. Rusty and I also introduced the folks here to "Trunk or Treat," the wonderful new twist on trick-or-treating that we discovered while living in Memphis. Everybody had a great time, including Beauty and the Beast!


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    That's so cool!!! Nicely done you two, and how fitting for my brother to be the "Beast". Not much differance if ya ask me. :-)~ Just kidding my brudder, me love you long long time, beast or no beast. (just don't forget to shave)

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    What precious costumes!
    I wish we could have seen them in person!
    Where does this daughter get all her creativity?
    Not from her mom, that's for sure!
    Love you, sweetie

  3. Anonymous9:32 PM

    hehe... that's Beastly Creativity imo.