Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Friends Reunited

Rusty and Laura Campbell. Mark and Charity Chan. Steve and Wendy Gist. Lj and Kari Littlejohn. We four couples taught English together in Mito, Japan four years ago. On Saturday, December 3rd, we had a mini-reunion at our house -- the first time we have all been together again since the Gists returned to America in 2001. The pictures below show how our families have grown and changed in four years. Three of us now have children, and Rusty and I will be joining the "Baby Club" in not too much longer! God is good and has blessed us richly with special friends such as these. It is my hope and prayer that we will continue to be friends through the years, no matter what different paths He may lead us down.

Daddy-to-be, Mark & Freedom, Lj & Stone, Steve & Matthew
Mama-to-be, Charity & Freedom, Kari & Stone, Wendy & Matthew

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