Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Special Treat

The Brass
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In the midst of all the craziness that has been our life since the end of June, my sweet husband still found a way to fulfill a desire I've had since we came back to Japan a year ago. What a great guy!

When we lived in Mito, my favorite restaurant was called "The Brass." Since we have been back, I have wanted to eat there again, but what with one thing and another, we just never made it. When we realized we were going to be leaving Japan unexpectedly, I resigned myself to the fact that we would probably not have the time to make it back there. But Rusty found a way to make it happen, and we had lunch there last Friday.

The Brass 2
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The Brass is a "yakiniku" restaurant, which means that the meat comes to your table raw and you cook it yourself on a grill that is set into the center of the table. Everything about this restaurant is simple, but classy, from the decor, to the food presentation, to the food itself. You choose what kind of meat you want (I had chicken and sausage; Rusty had beef and sausage), but your meal also comes with a green salad, onion soup, rice, a dipping sauce for the meat, and to finish, a glass of juice, tea, or coffee. We had a great time, the food was delicious, and it was a nice break from all the stresses of packing and getting ready to leave.


  1. Rusty - you go! Good job pampering my sister here at the end of your stay. Know you guys are in our prayers - with all your packing and saying goodbye.

  2. That restaurant sounds like so much fun! We try to go to a fondue restaurant for some of our birthdays/anniversaries, and they do something very similar with a grill or hot oil in the middle of the table.

    Good luck with all the packing. I've moved way too much stuff three times in five years, and I know what a hassle it is. (Goodwill loves me, though.)