Friday, July 21, 2006


Our precious boy has a full-blown case of the chicken pox! I thought he was going to escape with just a light case, but that was not to be. Poor fella has them everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! Thankfully, he does not seem too bothered by them, and he is too young to really scratch himself. The doctor gave us some anti-viral medicine, which he has been taking without a fuss. The hardest part of all of this is getting him to lie still long enough for me to rub the cream on all his spots. Maybe I should be glad he is not rolling over yet! Hopefully, he will be mostly scabbed over by Monday.

We are still planning to leave Japan on Monday, July 24th. Stupid travel agency wanted to charge us 50% to change our tickets. Not an option. So, we are going. Alex will be wearing long pants, long sleeves, and a hat, and we are just going to pray no one says anything. If anyone does ask, though, we also have a doctor's note, thanks to Rusty's Uncle Willie, who is a pediatrician.

From Japan, we will fly to Seoul, Korea, where we will stay two nights. Then, on Wednesday, July 26th, we fly to LA. From LA, we are renting a car and driving to Portland. Believe it or not, it was cheaper to do that than to fly all the way to Portland! We are hoping to arrive in Portland by July 28th.

We are almost finished packing the shipment. After that, all that remains is to pack our bags for the plane, and clean the house. Jennifer, the young woman who is replacing Rusty will be moving in here after we leave, so we don't have to empty out the house. A lot of the furniture and other items will be staying for her to use. We are so thankful that things worked out this way -- it certainly has made everything easier on us.

Tomorrow, some friends are throwing us a goodbye party. Sunday, we will say our goodbyes to Taga church. And on Monday, we will begin our journey across the Pacific. It all still seems a little unreal to me. Things have happened so quickly that I have not really had much time to process everything. But, ready or not, we will be getting on a plane in less than 72 hours!


  1. Oh, poor Alex! That must be miserable. And poor you, having to travel with a baby who isn't feeling 100% well! As if a trip that long with a baby isn't hard enough when everyone's healthy!

    I'll be praying for a quick return to health and a safe and uneventful trip. May God hold you in His hands from doorstep to doorstep.

  2. What? No photos of the chicken pox? Poor baby Alex...get well soon! Bon Voyage on your exciting adventure to new and exotic lands!

  3. Giovanna7:19 PM

    Poor baby! I wish I could go directy to say goodbye and thank you so much for all the clothes and things you gave us for our baby. Unfortunately I did not have the chicken-pox when I was a kid so I think I should just say it here.I wish you all the best on your trip back home and we will be thinking of you everytime we dress our baby in Alex's cute little pajamas....
    Take care and buon viaggio.