Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nine Months Old

Alex was nine months old on November 28th. Where does the time go? He is crawling like a champ, pulling up on anything vertical (furniture, lamps, pant legs), and cruising. He has developed a fascination with shoes. Seriously -- put the kid in a room with a bunch of really cool toys and a pair of old dirty shoes, and he will go for the shoes every single time! I've decided I'm not going to spend any money on toys for this child since he's just as happy to play with my sneakers. What are grandparents for anyway?

Since this month was really busy with Thanksgiving and my parents' visit, I didn't get around to doing a photo shoot with Alex. So, just enjoy the photo montage below (courtesy of my Dad, who took all of these pics)!


  1. Love the picture of the little guy with his tongue out. He looks like he is on a mission! Great to see the pics.....he is getting so big! --Nicole

  2. Man, Alex! You are getting SO big! I would say "and cute", but you were always super-cute! Give your mommy a big hug for me!

  3. Thanks for the pictures and updates through your blog and New Year's letter! Glad to see that Alex is able to wear the penguin sweater I gave him.

    I was at your old house the other day and Kiara came in and said "Hi, Judith! Where's Rusty?" She remembers you guys.

    We love and miss you!