Monday, August 06, 2007

Trek Across North America: Week 3

We began our third week in Coldwater, Michigan, visiting my grandparents, Dean and Ruth Clutter. Rusty preached at the church in Coldwater on Sunday morning, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a good visit with my Aunt Cyndi and her family that evening.

Alex and his great-grandparents

On Monday, we drove up to Livonia to spend the rest of the week with my parents and brother. We have had such a great time! Highlights have included: a trip to Cedar Point, home to some of the world's tallest, fastest roller-coasters; celebrating Matt's 21st birthday; visiting Greenfield Village; and of course seeing all the dear folks at the Livonia church of Christ, some of whom have known me since before I was born. Pictures are below.

Riding the carousel at Cedar Point

Riding the train (again at Cedar Point)

Another kiddie ride at Cedar Point

The big 2-1!

Sharing an ice-cream with Daddy at Greenfield Village

You may notice that Alex looks a little different in the last picture. Yes, while we were in Livonia, he got his first haircut! More on that later -- but doesn't he look so grown up now? And, in between all of our fun outings and family time, I have been using practically every spare moment to devour "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." (Ronda, Robbie, and Johnny -- I am now on page 350, where are you?)

Our time here in Livonia is quickly drawing to a close. Tomorrow, we will begin the last leg of our journey to Memphis, and hope to arrive there on Wednesday afternoon. Although this trip has been fun, I am looking forward to settling into our apartment and our new life in Memphis.


  1. You're only on page 350? What are you a mom and a wife on the move? I have read it twice. I know....I am nerd. I have done a lot of reading this summer. I am starting a book by Robert Jordon.

    I love seeing your pictures! I hope you reach your final destination safely. Thanks for the postcard. Tell Alex hi for me and that I miss my puddle stomping pally (it's been a little rainy here this morning).

  2. Those Robert Jordan books are AWESOME. I read the first five or six when I was in high school. Now, there are like 12 or 13 in the series. I have decided after I finish Harry Potter, I am going to start on those again. But maybe I will read all the Harry Potter books back to back first... Oh, by the way, I am now on page 654. I got a lot of reading in during the drive down to Memphis.