Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby Dois

With 15 days to go until my official due date, we have been busily preparing for the arrival of Baby Dois. The cradle has been assembled and is standing in our room... baby clothes and blankets have been laundered, folded, and put away... diapers have been purchased... the infant car seat has been installed in our van. We also attended our last Bradley method childbirth class last week; and on Sunday, we took our hospital tour. And of course, there have been the doctor's appointments, which always seem to take the better part of a morning, or an afternoon.

So, pretty much the only baby-related thing left on my "to do" list is to pack my hospital bag. There are some other things I am hoping to take care of before he decides to make his appearance, though... before I am consumed by nursing and newborn care once again, and the fog of those early weeks postpartum descends on my brain. Everyone assumes that I want him to be "early," and I do, but now that the threat of induction is past, I wouldn't mind if he waited until after the first to decide to be born!

Alex has been eager to help as we prepare to welcome his little brother. Here is a picture of him and Rusty putting together the cradle:

And of course, after it was all put together, he had to try it out! He doesn't exactly fit in it quite the way he used to. Nothing like a picture like this to make you realize how much your "baby" has grown in three years:


  1. Alex,
    You are such a BIG boy now! We're glad you get to stay at our house for a little while right now. Love, Nyanya and Babu

  2. That is a very beautiful cradle. Baby dois won't have any excuse to not sleep well if he's in this bed.
    I know what you mean about how big our kids get. I took pictures of Isaac sitting in the infant carseat just after we had quite using it. When I compared that with the picture of the first time we buckled him in it at the hospital, there was another bold realization of how much he's grown. Love those kind of visual reminders.

  3. I remember this beautiful cradle!
    that's the time when we had dinner all together with Rox and Marci. I was pregnant and amazed in seeing Alex and Sophie...very soon I would have had one of my own!
    I always think of those moments with joy and feel blessed we were able to share those special feelings, even for a short time.