Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Three Years Old

Alex celebrated his third birthday during our recent trip to Arkansas for a team meeting. It is funny to think that for every single birthday he has had so far in his young life, including his actual "birth" day, he has been in a different city -- born in Mito, Japan; first birthday in Portland, OR; second birthday in Memphis, TN; third birthday in Little Rock, AR (and I guess we should count Livonia, MI too, since that is where he had his party). It is a testimony, I suppose, to the fact that we are truly global nomads. I wonder where we will be for #4?

Anyway, back to the birthday boy. His Aunt Teague made him a caterpillar cake out of cupcakes, which turned out super cute (see pics below)! Alex enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him, and blowing out candles for the second time. He also had a few presents to open. It is fun to watch him really get into the whole birthday thing -- he seems to really understand what it is all about now.

Happy Third, my sweet boy! I have been so blessed to be your mama these last 3 years.

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  1. Happy Birthday Alex! He sure looks like he loves that cake...very sweet. You need to keep recording where he has all these birthdays. That is neat. With Ella - we are just counting 'months' now of course, and we laugh because most of her 'month birthdays' we have been with Corey and Emily somewhere in the US or Australia...