Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our Growing Team

Nathan Holland, the Reeses, Jordan Yarbrough, the Campbells, the Meyers

This is our most recent team photo, taken at last month's team meeting in Little Rock. Since our last team photo, taken in June, 2008, we have added two children, with two more on the way (the Meyers are in the process of adopting siblings from Ethiopia).

We always enjoy spending time with our teammates. We have continued trying to meet monthly, although that has become a bit more challenging now that we are all much more spread out geographically. Despite the long drive (our meetings have been in Little Rock the last few times), we look forward to our time together. And, just in case you were wondering what it is that we do at these meetings, here is a list of the items on last month's agenda:
  • personal / family updates, fundraising progress
  • discussion on the possibility of our team getting some formal training in rational thinking and decision making
  • recap and process some of the strategy discussion begun at May's meeting
  • discussion on homeschooling options
  • discussion on a team coach / mentor
  • discussion on team roles
  • timeline (scheduling, future meetings, moving to Portugal, etc.)
  • continuation of our doctrine discussion begun at a previous meeting
There was time for fun as well. We had a cookout at the park one evening and the guys played a round of disc golf. We played games one night. And we had lots of yummy food -- there are several good cooks on this team, and we all like to eat!

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