Saturday, April 03, 2010

An Afternoon in Downtown Lisbon

In the last few weeks, we have had several opportunities to explore our "home-for-a-year" of Lisbon. Here are some pictures of our first expedition.

It rained for a solid week when we first got to Lisbon, and then we began our language studies, so the first chance we had to really get out and explore was about two weeks after we arrived. We took advantage of the sunny weather one Saturday and headed downtown.

We went to the Jardim Estrela and let Alex burn some energy on the awesome playground!

Next time, we'll have to remember to bring bread to feed the ducks!

We rode the tram (it's free with our bus passes).

We walked down narrow cobblestone streets that looked like they hadn't changed a bit in about 3 centuries (minus the cars, that is).

We stopped for a bite to eat at an outdoor cafe -- tostas mistas (grilled ham and cheese sandwiches) and coffee.

And Stephen practiced walking.

The cafe had a great view of the rooftops of Lisbon...

... and the river (over on the other side, you can see the enormous Cristo Rei statue, a replica of which is in Lubango, Angola).

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  1. Laura,
    Loved the pictures! Thank you so much for allowing us to participate with you at least this much. We're so thankful that your situation is a good one for your family. Lots of love, Mom