Monday, April 05, 2010

Our First "Field Trip"

Our Portuguese teacher, Eunice, designates one Friday each month a field trip day. We don't have classes that day -- instead, we get to do some sightseeing with a very knowledgable tour guide! Our first field trip was with teammates Nathan and Jordan, and fellow students Kevin and Angela, who have since departed for Angola, where they will be working for about four months.

We spent some time wandering about in the Alfama distict of Lisbon. We saw a couple of churches, meandered through the Roman Theater Museum, and eventually wound up at the Castelo de Sao Jorge (St. George's Castle). After exploring the castle, we had lunch at a cafe before heading home.

Enjoy the pictures!

A line of tram cars

The church of St. Anthony (the patron saint of Lisbon)

Lisbon Cathedral

Group picture on one of the steep alley staircases of Alfama

The guys exploring the castle walls

Group picture at the castle, with a gorgeous view of Lisbon in the background

Lunch at the Pois Cafe

**Thanks to Eunice and Angela for several of these photos (our camera battery died pretty early in the day)!**


  1. Thanks for all the pictures. We enjoy getting to see a little of your life there. Love, Mom

  2. Ronda9:43 AM

    So very much like spanish.. I totally understood what you wrote and didn't have to look up a translation.