Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sweet Moments

We've been back in the States about a month now, and we have another month to go. One thing I decided to do when we first got back was to record in my journal some of the "sweet moments" of this time back in the U.S. There isn't a lot of time for journaling and personal reflection when you're on the road, fundraising, visiting family and friends, shopping, and running around like crazy gathering paperwork for your visas. However, it doesn't take long to jot down a few things every day or two, and it keeps me mindful of the blessings that we are experiencing, even in this hectic time. Here are some of the sweet moments so far (excerpted from my journal):
  • Listening to cousins squeal with laughter while playing in the sprinkler together
  • Wii fun
  • Dinnertime craziness with 5 kids under 5
  • Worshipping God and hearing from his Word in English
  • Carousel rides at Greenfield Village
  • Chuck E. Cheese madness
  • Conversations with my sister
  • Seeing the "stars and stripes" billowing across the sky
  • My first trip to Target in almost four months, followed by a strawberry limeade from Sonic
  • Having our own car again
  • Dryer fresh clothes -- so soft and sweet-smelling!
  • The feeling of homecoming our first Sunday back at Hillsboro
  • Alex welcomed back with joy and open arms by all his friends from church
  • Singing my favorite hymn, "Be Still My Soul" with 500+ Hillsboro members -- beautiful!
  • Good American pizza
  • A sultry summer night in Nashville spent with friends from Hillsboro, watching our kids get soaked in the sprinkler and eating delicious food off the grill.
  • World Cup excitement -- we've managed to squeeze in watching a few games
  • Hearing stories of veteran missionaries to Kenya, Hilton and Avanelle Merritt
  • Being prayed over at the West University Church of Christ in Houston after Rusty presented on Wednesday night, and the realization that settled over me of the privilege it is to be playing a part in God's work in Angola.
  • Sharing blessings and marriage advice with Matt and Janille at their rehearsal dinner, and enjoying the absolutely scrumptious Texas barbeque!
  • Watching my baby brother and his bride say their vows, exchange their rings, light their unity candle, share their first kiss as husband and wife, cut their cake, and leave the church in a shower of birdseed and bubbles. My heart is so full and so thankful that we got to be there to celebrate their special day!
  • Family friend and former Kenya missionary Carla Dean running up at the literal last minute (as Matt and Janille were about to drive away from the church) to hug Matt and wish him well. Her plane didn't arrive in time for the ceremony, and she almost missed him after the reception, but made it in the nick of time!
  • Listening in as Uncle David, Aunt Mary Helen, CDT, Mom and Dad shared memories and funny stories around the table. How amazing to consider all the ways God has worked in and through these 5, not to mention countless other missionaries to Kenya.
  • Fireworks with Steve and Wendy and their kids in Abilene on July 4th
  • Bedtime lullabies with Steve on his guitar.


  1. Sounds like some really "Sweet Memories" I am glad that you were able to make them.

  2. I love the list. I'm glad for you having these sweet times....feelings of homecoming, realizations of your work being a privilege, time with family.... And I so wish we could've shared in those bedtime lullabies with the Gists. Enjoy this next month. Love you.

  3. Those are sweet memories indeed. So glad you're able to take even just a few moments for reflections. The thought from each sentence is a treasure.

  4. Thanks for your list... my heart is full of many of the above too... mostly just spending time with you and Mom and Dad and Matt. Love you!