Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Sweet Moments

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  • dinner (yummy homemade curry) and conversation with a childhood friend, Brittany (Hemphill) Foster, and her family at her home in Tulsa. Thanks, Facebook -- it had been 20+ years since we had seen or talked to each other, and I doubt it would have happened otherwise!
  • the blessing of being with my entire family, all at once, at Stephens Family Reunion 2010 in Hot Springs, AR
  • reading stories to my nieces
  • brusing Michaela's hair
  • lunch and conversation with Ken and Ann Bolden, missionary friends from Kenya
  • introducing Josh and Julie to Settlers of Catan
  • talks over coffee with Mom and Dad
  • walking in downtown Hot Springs with my sister, window shopping and drinking iced coffee
  • watching a thunderstorm roll in and smelling the rain coming (I love a good thunderstorm!)
  • presenting Matt and Janille with their wedding gift from all of us (a year's worth of Date Nights in a Box -- I'll share more about this gift idea in a later post), followed by prayer-time for them, and a toast with Bitter Lemons all the way from Kenya
  • singing before bed with all the kids
  • couples date to the Pancake House in Hot Springs
  • playing Scotland Yard
  • lunch at Mayuri (our favorite Indian restaurant ever) in Memphis
  • browsing a used bookstore for hidden treasures
  • taking Alex to see "How to Train Your Dragon"
  • visiting with friends, old and new, at Esther's birthday party
  • lunch with our Support Team at Hillsboro (We are so blessed to have the support and encouragement of so many people there.)
  • singing old hymns, in English, in 4-part harmony with our church family
  • picnic supper at a very cool park
  • playdate with Rebekah and Hannah Brown at the Monkey's Treehouse in Nashville
  • watching Alex become so much more confident in the water -- he is not swimming completely independently yet, but we have made some great strides this summer due to all of the opportunities we have had to swim during our travels
I do plan on sharing some pictures soon -- "Top Ten" posts of Matt and Janille's wedding, and our family reunion in Hot Springs are in the works. For now, there are pictures on Facebook, or you can visit my sister's blog.

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  1. Love reading about all the sweet moments you all are haivng! I am so glad you all are able to be refreshed and rejuvenated during this time! Hopefully next time we will be able to catch up hook you all!

    Love you bunches!