Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Ten: Matt and Janille's Wedding

It was hard to pick 10 favorite pictures from this day, because of course, there were so many great ones! What a special day it was... congratulations, Matt and Janille! We love you and are so happy for you.

A beautiful bride

Brothers-in-law (Rusty and Josh were also groomsmen.)

Sisters-in-law (and two nieces / flower-girls)

Alex and Stephen in their wedding finery -- Alex looked like such a big boy in his sport coat and tie!

Michaela and Eliana were the most adorable flower girls ever and did a great job!

This is my favorite picture of Matt and Janille, taken right after they lit their unity candle. I love the look of joy shining on both their faces.

Minister / father-of-the-groom -- this is the face of a man who has just married off his third and last child!

Our family, including several "special guests"

The bride and groom with all their nieces and nephews

Groom's cake -- the Death Star from "Star Wars!" This cake had lights and was on a stand that turned around -- the picture doesn't really do it justice. Janille had a lovely traditional wedding cake, but the conversation item was definitely this masterpiece!

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  1. Good choices of top ten, Laura. Love you, Mom