Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sixth Month

Well, after I publish this post, I will be caught up on Benjamin's monthly milestones... for the next 3 days anyway! (Sigh.) It's hard to believe that he's almost 7 months old. And then I look at Alex, my SIX-year old (How is that even possible?), and I think, He's a third of the way to 18! And then I freak out just a little.

But, I digress. Benjamin's 6th month was again spent on the road (road trip post coming soon, promise). He is a great little traveler -- all our kids are -- but he does get tired of being in his carseat so much! Towards the end of our trips, when we have been in the car for days on end, he starts crying every time I put him in. The poor kid probably wonders if we know how to do anything other than schlep him around all over creation.

In the 6th month, we continued with solid foods, introducing rice cereal, peaches, plums, prunes, peas, carrots, and sweet potato. Ben visited our pediatrician in Nashville for a check-up and 6 shots! (We are trying to get him caught up, since we missed the 4-month check-up... I know, I know, bad mom.) He weighed in at 15 pounds, 8.5 ounces, more than double his birth weight, and measured 27 inches long. He also met his Great Uncle Dennis while in Nashville.

The big milestone during month 6 was, of course, learning to sit up on his own. I am always so glad when my babies learn to sit alone! They seem to stay content longer when they can sit up and play and observe everything that's going on around them. And the bald spot on the back of the head starts disappearing when they aren't laying on their backs so much! Being able to sit up also changes the bathtime routine -- Benjamin can sit up and splash in the water, which he thinks is great fun, and he now takes baths with his big brothers more frequently.

Benjamin's 6-month birthday was pretty memorable, as it was the day that Alex fell while climbing on the playplace at Chick-Fil-A and busted his head open. More details coming when I blog about our road-trip, but suffice it to say that we spent several hours in the ER, and Alex ended up with 10 stitches! Life with boys is never dull!

 6 months old!

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  1. He's gorgeous. Can't believe he is half way to one!!! But don't let me freak you out! :-) Enjoy your sweet boys.