Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fifth Month

A large part of Benjamin's fifth month was spent on the road. (Look for a future post about all our recent travels). In fact, we celebrated his fifth-month birthday at the end of January in Wisconsin Dells, but the pictures below were taken a few days later after we got back to my parents' house in Michigan.

Ben celebrated his first New Year during this month, although he actually slept right through the big moment! He met his Uncle Ken and Aunt Rae, actually his great-uncle and great-aunt, and other relatives while we were in Canada. We finally had to retire the cradle, as he was just getting too big and wiggly for it, and moved him back into a pack-n-play. The other major milestone this month included the introduction of solid foods. I held him off as long as possible, but when your baby starts watching you eat with rapt fascination and actually trying to grab food out of your hand, then it's just time! He actually had his first taste of mashed banana on his fifth-month birthday.

During Ben's fifth month, I noticed a gradual decrease in his spitting up (yay!), followed by an increase in drooling. However, if he is anything like my other two, the first tooth is still months away from making an appearance. That's okay by me -- nursing is not nearly as comfortable for me once the teeth come through! He loves to chew on his hands and feet and is getting better and better at using his hands to pick up toys and get them into his mouth.

There were so many great pictures from our photo shoot this month that is was hard to choose just two. He was in a good mood when I took these, plus he had his older brother standing nearby acting crazy and making him laugh!

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