Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bend in the Road

This is a post I have put off writing for awhile... and even now, I am not going to do it justice. There is so much that could be said, that needs to be said. However, in the interest of time (and because I'm sleep-deprived, and because I've already written about this for two different newsletters), I am just going to stick with the facts. Here they are:
  • We are no longer moving to Angola as missionaries.
  • We are moving instead to Ecuador as missionaries.
  • Ecuador is in South America.
  • We will be working with an organization called Operation Ecuador, alongside my sister and her family, who moved there about a year ago.
  • We are hoping to be there by the end of March (contingent on visas).
  • We will live in the city of Quito.
  • No, they do not speak Portuguese in Ecuador. They speak Spanish.
For more details, you can read our recent family newsletter here, or my article in the recent Angola Team newsletter here.

This means big changes ahead for the blog as well as for our Facebook page. Stay tuned.

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