Thursday, February 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To (Holiday Edition)

By way of catching up, just a few pics of our holiday celebrations...

Just before Thanksgiving, we celebrated my grandma Nadine's 85th birthday. My parents recently moved her from Oregon to Michigan, and she lives in a retirement home a few blocks from their house. The last time we were with her on her birthday was when she turned 80, 5 years ago. Alex was just a baby! It's hard to believe. We also went to visit my grandma Ruth in southern Michigan.

Happy, Birthday!
With Great-Grandmother
Then, we got ready for Thanksgiving -- my favorite holiday! The boys and I put up a "thankfulness tree" again this year, and every day for the week before Thanksgiving, we would put up a few leaves of things we were thankful for. We also made turkey cupcakes! We had a lovely feast on Thanksgiving Day, and my grandma Nadine was able to join us.

We are thankful...
The Thanksgiving feast -- yum!!!

After Thanksgiving, we got ready for Christmas!

The boys helped Nyanya decorate the Christmas tree.
They loved to watch the train go around the tree.
We went to see the Christmas trains at the Henry Ford museum.
Santa was there!
Our homemade ornament project this year was skiing snowmen -- made with pinecones, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and pom poms.
We also made Christmas cookies with Aunt Janille.
On Christmas Eve, we read "Clarabelle the Christmas Cow" and sang carols around the Christmas tree.
We had a very nice Christmas with my parents, and my brother and his wife. My aunt and some of her family joined us for Christmas dinner.

Family pic in front of the Christmas tree
Benjamin was the star of the day in his Santa suit!
Opening presents
On New Year's Eve, Alex helped Nyanya and Babu deliver homemade loaves of bread to all the neighbors.

Happy New Year!
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