Friday, February 17, 2012

The Fourth Month

Ben's fourth month was a little more restful. We did take a trip down to Nashville in early December, but for the rest of the time, we were just hanging out at my parents' house. Benjamin discovered his feet and learned how to roll over. He is starting to laugh when tickled in just the right spot. Baby laughs are the best! He is becoming more and more interested in the world around him. He especially loves to watch his brothers and is very interested in all the things they do. Often it seems like he is longing for the day when he can join in the fun.

We celebrated Benjamin's first Christmas during his fourth month. It's not like we planned it this way, but I do think it's special that each of my children has celebrated their first Christmas at Nyanya and Babu's house! He loved to look at the lights on the Christmas tree and watch the train go around and around. He got some fun gifts like new warm sleepers, socks, baby slippers, more burp cloths, a baby's first year calendar, and a paci-clip. Honestly, I think he was a bit overwhelmed by all the festivities!

Special people Ben met during his fourth month included his Uncle Matt and Aunt Janille, who came for Christmas. He loves to meet people and is usually quite the little charmer. Benjamin was especially fascinated by Uncle Matt's Donald Duck impersonation and thought he was pretty hilarious!

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