Thursday, March 29, 2018

Furlough 2014-15: Fun Stats

To wrap up this series on our first furlough, I thought I would share some fun stats. I kept a running list on my phone while we were traveling and would update it periodically. Here, then, is Furlough 2014-15 by the numbers:
  • Miles flown - 10,073
  • Miles driven - 7,825 (This was from Dec. 1 when we left on our road trip until we returned to Ecuador, so it doesn't include the driving we did for nearly 2 weeks in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area or the 3.5 weeks in the Pacific Northwest. We estimate we drove over 9,000 miles if you include the miles driven during those weeks.)
  • Beds slept in - 21
  • Hotels stayed in - 4 (It really amazes me how we can do so much traveling, and yet not have to stay in hotels very often. We have lots of wonderful family and friends who host us and feed us during our travels.)
  • States visited - 21
  • Canadian provinces visited - 2
  • Churches visited - 9
  • Presentations done - 7
  • Other speaking engagements - 11
  • Homes visited - 31
  • Meals shared in restaurants - 21 (This includes meals we ate with friends or family in restaurants, not the fast food restaurants we stopped at when traveling. If I counted those, this number would be a lot higher! And as much as we crave Taco Bell, Sonic, and Chick Fil-A when we are overseas, I think it's safe to say that we had had our fill of fast food by the time we returned to Ecuador!)
  • Meet and Greets - 4
  • Church meals or potlucks - 7
  • Indian buffets - 6 (We miss good Indian food!)
  • Relatives seen - 18 (We enjoyed in-person visits with Uncle Willie, Uncle Ken, Dave & Kaye, Rebecca, Ronda, Robbie, Johnny, Candace and Cory, Uncle Ken & Aunt Rae, Glenn, Kemmy & Paul, Austin, and my parents!)
  • Pounds gained - Well, let's just say we don't call it the "furlough fifteen" for nothing!

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