Thursday, March 22, 2018

Furlough 2014-15: Livonia, MI

We spent Christmas, 2014 in Michigan with my parents. Our time there didn't feel long enough (it never does), but we were able to pack in quite a few special experiences and make some fun memories, including:
Helping Nyanya decorate her tree
Decorating Christmas cookies
Playing board games
Putting together the gingerbread house
Watching the Christmas train go around the tree
Lamb dinner with the Burtons (aka Grandma and Grandpa "B"). This picture is so special to me now because Grandpa "B" is no longer with us.
Visiting the Hands-On Museum in Ann Arbor
Story-time -- including lots of time looking at Nyanya's "bird book"
Visiting Great Nyanya (my dad's mom)
And Great Grandmother (my mom's mom). Both of my grandmothers have also since passed away.
Watching the model trains at the Henry Ford Museum
Taking a picture with Santa (the best Santa, in my opinion -- his beard is even real!)
Crafts, including our homemade ornament project for 2014, plus several crafts Nyanya had for the boys to do
This was Elizabeth's first Christmas, and she received her very special hand-dmade stocking from Nyanya
Joyous Christmas Day!
Christmas Day feast -- turkey dinner and all the trimmings!
Thank you, Nyanya and Babu, for making this Christmas such a fun and special time! We love you!

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