Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Year in the Life: Coming Soon to the Blog!

Several years ago, when we were doing language study in Portugal, I did a series of posts called "A Week in the Life" where I documented through photos and text our daily activities for a week. I got several comments from readers that they really enjoyed being able to share our days with us in this way and seeing how we were spending our time. Those posts were the inspiration for what I plan to do for the year 2018. Instead of linking up to a bunch of Facebook albums, I'll be taking you through "A Year in the Life" of the Campbell Family and Camp Bellevue. These posts won't have the same level of detail that the "A Week in the Life" posts had. But they should give a fairly accurate picture of the rhythms of our year. And maybe at some point in the future, I'll do another series of "A Week in the Life" posts that show our current life in Ecuador!

I'll be helped in making these posts by the photos we've taken over the past year, by my Facebook activity log (in many ways, Facebook functions as a sort of "mini-blog" for me), and also, by my 10-year journal. I started keeping this journal in 2011 -- writing 4 lines daily -- and it has proven to be a very good record of our family's lives and activities. (Side-note: the 10-year journal also makes a very unique and practical wedding gift to a couple just starting their life together!)

I hope you enjoy coming along for a year in our life!

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